Web design



OGAMI helps people shapes their ideas thanks its eco-friendly notebook.

The task was to create a new website design, simple and intuitive to use, which will tell the target audience about the advantages of the product and help expand sales. The work done includes the UX / UI stages with implementation on the Wordpress platform.

Skills:  UI/UX Design and Wordpress development
Sketch, Wordpress and HTML/CSS

“Our products allow creative people to develop their best idea ”💡

Site structure

A clear hierarchy and a well design structure helps the users move from page to page easily.

Color palette

The colors palette chosen reflect the essence Ogami, a strong eco-friendly and waterproof notebook.


Primary Button

Secondary Button

Data Picker





To convey the correct mood of the site and make it closer to our audience, we have prepared a unique set of icons that turn the site into a consistent story about the benefits of the product.

A flawless experience from desktop to mobile

From the small screen to the big, Ogami is designed to work and play everywhere.


From a look&feel perspective, the interface is minimalist with a classical usage of photos and colors.