Brand, Campaign + Web Design


Migra is an university project, made in collaboration with Aiap (Italian Association of Visual Communication Design), whose goal was to create brand identity for a future Italian graphic museum.

Skills:  Brand identity, UX/UI, Research, Wireframing, Prototyping
Illustration Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


It all begins with the logo, rooted in one of the most reoccurring shapes found in our natural world: the square.

The museum is a set of artworks, individual and different from each other, that find their own space within a larger structure in a harmonious way, like the logo, where all the fragments of the letters find space in a perimeter of a square.

Furthermore the logo carries in its, in visual form, the literal meaning of the acronym of the name: MIGRA, Museo Italiano della GRAfica (Italian Museum of GRAphics).

The primary colours of the identity are black and white.

In order to reinforce the communicative image of the project we created a special font, born from the Gotham font fragmentation.

Business cards and other stationery items reflect the minimalist color palette and typography of the brand identity.


A series of posters were made to advertise the museum. From simpler in which the logo is highlighted to more elaborate like the one below.


To gain awareness before launching the opening of the museum we designed and developed a simple responsive platform being able to provide updates about the exhibitions.
The style, simple and clean, recalls the entire communicative image of MIGRA.

The site is made up of 5 sections:
Home: where you can find most relevant exhibitions of the museum;
About: that explain the main concept of MIGRA and its history;
Shop: where you can shop all our personalized gadgets;

Exhibition: an overview of all planned exhibitions;
Projects: where are show all the events planning by the museum.

The mobile is fully compatible with the logic of one-page navigation through a fixed menu at the top that allows you to move around the various sections of the site without being cumbersome or difficult to use but maintaining the main feature of traditional menus.