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Enjoy pool

The project was realized for Eni during the hackathon, a two-day innovation marathon organized by Agi Agenzia Italia and held at the Apple Developer Academy, the Federico II’s hi-tech campus in San Giovanni a Teduccio.

Winner of the ENI challenge the project was awarded at the XIII Simposio COTEC Europa in the presence of the Heads of State of the three countries, the King of Spain, Felipe VI, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Roles: UX / UI and visual Designer
Tools: Sketch, Photshop, Illustrator, Principle
Bernardi Tommaso, d’Andolfo Federico, De Gaetano Alessio, Ferraresso Maria Luna , Uzzi Giulio

We can still do a lot to improve energy efficiency at the individual level and in the family/friends environment. We were asked to help develop a "virtuous" and "innovative" solution, able to change systems and conventions/beliefs, which allow us to use less and better energy, with consequent impact on consumption and emissions.

Based on the research found in the discovery phase of the project we found out that the transport industries is the only one not converting his energy sources into renewable one, for this we focus our project on it.

In the years that followed is expected an increase of:
  • Traffic
  • Times of route
  • Consumption

Urban development is changing the city transport scenery, new players are born and one of the newest in Italy is Enjoy, a car sharing service provided by Eni.

The project improve the existing service of Eni,  adding the possibilities of sharing each ride among different users. Thanks it we estimate to improve the people/car ratio to 1,7 (from 1,3). Stopping the private car circulation in the city center, it's possible to reduce by 80% the vehicles on the road.

Enjoy Pool, the name of project, will be implemented in the existing app, already used by Eni. The user will be able to choose if he'd like to give a ride to other people, acting as a driver, or if he'd like to be picked-up, acting as buddy.

"Together to go far, sharing mobility to solve the problem of private mobility in big cities"

The entire coordinated image of the project recalls the existing image of the Enjoy service, in addition to the two colors already used from Enjoy, red and yellow, was added a shades of  green representing the "green" side of the project implementation.

Enjoy Pool is a win for everyone. The driver can save on his trip, the buddy can reach his destination without need to drive and the company will reach a new market.

Where do you want to a ride to ?

The extended functionality allows the users to find a ride based on his direction, a filter section allow them to set the preferences.

Where do you want to drive to?

The extended functionality allows the driver to set up the destination and give the possibility to share the ride with other.

Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to leave a rating!

Both, rider and buddy have the possibility to leave a rate, to make the community safety. After it, the driver will receive the a voucher!

The world is smiling!

The new service, enjoy pool will reduce the carbon-dioxide emission by 25% more than the regular car sharing service.

The victory of the project gives us the chance to participate in the SingularityU Italy Summit 2019, Design the future. Build the future. Be the future.